DEV – Laboratorio di programmazione

Il laboratorio si occupa dello studio, della ricerca e dello sviluppo di progetti in ambito di development.

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Tools e ambienti di sviluppo

  • – social development environment for front-end designers and developers.
  • – Free software, open standards, and web services for interactive computing across all programming languages
    • JupyterLab is the latest web-based interactive development environment for notebooks, code, and data.
    • The Jupyter Notebook is the original web application for creating and sharing computational documents.
  • – A simple way to share Jupyter Notebooks

CSS Framework 


Tailwind CSS – Visually-stunning, easy to customize site templates built with React and Next.js.



User interface


React – The library for web and native user interfaces

Next.js – Full-stack React framework

Remix – Full-stack React framework


Ember – Ember.js is a productive, battle-tested JavaScript framework for building modern web applications. It includes everything you need to build rich UIs that work on any device.

Vue – The Progressive JavaScript Framework

Svelte – cybernetically enhanced web apps


Web Page Builder

Docsify⁠–⁠This – Instantly Turn Online Markdown Files into Web Pages

MkDocs – Project documentation with Markdown

Material for MkDocs

Pelican – Markdown static site generator (with Python)

Wireframing / Prototyping

Wireframing is the process of designing a blueprint of your web application. Prototyping is taking wireframing a step further, adding an interactive display.



Document Database – You should use a document database if your data is not very relational. Document databases store “documents”. Each record in your database is simply a big blob of structured data – often in JSON format.

Examples of document databases are: MongoDb, CouchDb, Firebase (serverless), Dynamo Db (AWS).


Linguaggio Python 

Corso base Python – Corso video di Edoardo Midali (7 ore) 2020